Hi all,

To have consistency in our games I am adding the CMSA rules for U10 Outdoor. The league and and referees are following this rules, so please use this tool to inform yourselves and your players about it.

You will find information about rules like:


Retreat Line

The Retreat Line will come into effect in two situations during the game:
• A Goal Kick
• A Free Kick to the defending team within it’s own goal area

At these two restarts, the opposing team is required to move beyond the Retreat Line. The player taking the kick can
then pass the ball to one of his team-mates without the pressure of an opposing player nearby. When the ball has left the goal area, the play will resume as normal and the “opposing” team can move inside the Retreat Line.
The Retreat Line in Mini Soccer will be the Halfway Line.
If a member of the opposing team comes inside the Retreat Line before the ball has left the goal area and interferes
with play, the Referee will stop play and the restart will be retaken.

Players cannot play the ball long over the Retreat Line from a Goal Kick or Free Kick from within their own goal area they must play the ball short to a team-mate.

Goalkeepers cannot drop kick the ball from their hands beyond the Retreat Line. If the ball goes beyond the Retreat
Line without previously touching the ground, a free kick should be awarded to the opposing team at the point where
the ball crossed the Retreat Line.

Here is the link for U10 7v7 Outdoor rules (also known as 2017 Alberta Soccer Mini Referee A Handbook and Guide for Mini Referees).